We are located in the WeWork building, Brooklyn Heights.

Grass Roots Parenting
Grass Roots Parenting

  • It’s your turn to change the world.

    Why choose us?

    I created Grass Roots Parenting with one purpose, to help families live their best lIves.  My mission is to change how you address your child’s behavior by understanding the reason behind it.  We are a homegrown company based out of Brooklyn, where I was born and raised.  The number you call is my personal cell phone, so it’ll always be me who answers.  Since starting Grass Roots Parenting, I’ve worked with families from diverse backgrounds spanning neighborhoods throughout the 5 boroughs, each time creating a plan specific to meet the needs of that family and although I’ve never used the same exact strategy more than once, the common thread that connected all these families together was that they would reach out to me and tell me how I changed their lives.  Truth be told, I didn’t change their lives, I provided them with the tools and strategies they needed to change their own lives.  Grass Roots Parenting believes in a positive approach to parenting and if given the opportunity to connect with your family we hope you'll be one of the many that sees how positive practices produce positive results.

    What do we do?

    • positive reinforcement methods
    • create schedules 
    • create behavior modification plans
    • sleep training
    • potty training 
    • address picky eaters 
    • teach social skills and play strategies 
    • teach parents how to use strategies to create a positive environment 

    Who do we see?

    • parents who have concerns with their child’s development
    • parents who have concerns with their child’s behavior at home or in school
    • children who are not meeting developmental milestones 
    • families who are looking for support in creating schedules and behavior plans 
    • children who have difficulty socializing and adjusting to new environments